5 gifts any Leo would be proud to receive...

5 gifts any Leo would be proud to receive...

Leos were born to rule, so it's only natural that precious gifts be bestowed upon them - holiday or just any day! But are any material gifts truly Leo-worthy? I did a lot of research and found some! So, whether you want to spoil a special Leo in your life or you're going to treat yourself, here are five things perfectly suited for regal Leos...

Fossil Large Pouch-Bright Patchwork - pictured ($42)
Flashy, fun, and practical Lionesses need this gorgeous and classy multi-color leather Fossil pouch that holds everything they need while party hopping this holiday season. Buy it on Amazon.

Leo Facts Zodiac T Shirt ($16.99)
Leos can show off their sign pride with a t-shirt that has awesome facts about Leos, presented like a nutrition "what's inside" label. Four colors and fits for men, women, and kids. Buy it on Amazon.

Cone Ring Holder Teal & Gold ($38)
Leo's jewelry deserves a holder that's just as beautiful and stylish. Hand-made with 22-karat gold accents, it enhances every Lioness's style even if others can't see it. Buy it on Fab.

Gold Bike Helmet from Thousand's Premium Collection ($90)
If a Leo bikes like they roar, they can be seen from a mile away! This retro, lightweight, and bold helmet is a killer gift for the loudest of all signs. Buy it on thousand.

Mpow Selfie Stick ($17.99 or less on sale)
Of course Leos like to take selfies! This selfie stick has an iSnap X Extendable Tripod with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter for iPhone 6/6s, Android & iOS smartphones. Buy it on Amazon.

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