All Aries would love to get these 5 gifts...

All Aries would love to get these 5 gifts...

Aries can be hard to shop for because Rams are so proactive, they often obtain whatever their hearts desire before anyone else can treat them to it. But they truly appreciate receiving, so here are five gift ideas your Aries will love (or things you should add to YOUR wish list)...

Rainbow 3D iPhone Case, pictured ($38)
Aries are eternally young-at-heart, so this fun gift indulges their playful side. Plus, it reminds them to have more fun! Buy it on

Ringly Activity Tracking Ring ($195)
Stylish, smart and simple, a Ringly is Aries' number one way to stay on top of every aspect of modern life with its mobile alerts, activity tracking and water resistant features. Buy it on

Smart Rope Connected Jump Rope ($79.99 and up)
Gift your Aries the most innovative way to sweat, burn calories and show off their stunning results with this smart jump rope that can be easily paired to any system, app, and social media feature possible. Buy it on Amazon.

Aries Wine Glass ($19.97 or less on sale)
Subtly tell your Aries to slow down and enjoy the fruits of all their labors with a glass of their favorite wine in a glass that tells everyone they are #1. Buy it on Amazon.

Cards Against Humanity ($25)
Encourage your Aries to be competitive - in a fun way. This game has quickly become a cult classic and makes any party a lot more interesting. Buy it on Amazon.

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