Why Virgos were born to lead others...

Why Virgos were born to lead others...

Virgo is content to stay busy in the background, but we really should be up front and center, leading others. Why? Because of our skill set that makes us so ready to rule. Just think about it...

- We notice all the complexities of a situation, and deal with it all (unlike Libras, who tend to get stuck on the big picture).
- We don’t tolerate second-rate anything... unlike Aries who just want the quickest, easiest thing.
- We are kind and compassionate, unlike cruel Geminis and Scorpios.
- We worry a lot, which is good because it helps us prepare for the worst, unlike overly idealistic Pisces, who are never ready for the bad stuff to happen.
- We are perfectionists, so we have excellent self-discipline, unlike out-there Aquarians.

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