Why Aquarius is best in a leadership role...

Why Aquarius is best in a leadership role...

Us independent Water Bearers like to fly solo, but actually we are born with what it takes to lead the masses. So, consider these qualities about Aquarius and recognize how powerful we can be in leadership roles...

- We are innovative and can think of new solutions to old problems, unlike Taurus, who keep plodding forward using the same old methods.
- We aren’t afraid to stand alone – often, that’s needed in a leader making tough but important decisions. We aren't needy and timid like Cancers and Pisces.
- We don’t let our emotions get the best of us, unlike basically every other sign!
- We genuinely want to help people – critical in a good leader. We aren’t self-absorbed like Scorpios and Libras.
- We can win any argument... even a Gemini can’t outwit us!

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