Is Aries the devil sign of the Zodiac?

Is Aries the devil sign of the Zodiac?

Let’s face it, Aries have a bad rep. People can neither get us nor keep up with us. So, are we the devilish sign of the Zodiac? To get to the top, we must be a little (or very) mischievous! How guilty are you of the following?

- When someone is late, you might wait five minutes, but not more. You will leave!
- Did anyone say no to you? You will make sure they say yes, pronto!
- You are that loud person people can hear across the hall. Oops!
- If someone asks for your reassurance, you will tell them what you think, not what they want to hear.
- If you are dating someone and meet someone cuter, you don’t feel bad for leaving them. They are better!

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