Scorpio’s dark side might be the scariest of all

Scorpio’s dark side might be the scariest of all

Our sign does not rule the underworld and all darkness for no reason. Scorpio’s dark side is by far the darkest of all signs. Of course, in the best of ways. Admit it, that magnetic and mysterious allure can easy turn into… scary stuff:

- Someone dares to cross you. Oh, they will know to never, ever, do it again!
- You don’t get what you want. That Martian inner warrior will come out and get it. Everyone get out of your way!
- When you don’t like someone, you make sure to let them now somehow. That’s what your sarcastic sense of humor is for, right?!
- You exude an air of superiority, especially when you are moody or are trying to blend into the background.
- Let’s not forget about those grudges you usually hold for like… a million years!

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