Are you secretly evil, Taurus?

Are you secretly evil, Taurus?

Let's explore the not-well-known dark side of Taurus natives... that evil part of us that’s usually buried deep under our admirable exterior. So, tell me... do you often show your dark side?

... Do you think of your loved ones as your possessions, or even treat them like property?
... Are you jealous to the degree of invading others’ privacy or doing things to hurt them?
... Do you fantasize about taking down your enemies in extreme ways?
... Do you refuse to listen to other perspectives and insist on your way or NO way?
... Have you ever demanded special treatment that was undeserved or irrational, just because you want things to be comfortable for you?
... Are you guilty of tunnel vision, unable to see anything beyond your self-serving scope?

Honestly, I am NOT guilty of most of these, and the ones I am are rare occurrences. But I totally know some Bulls who are all of the above! What about you?

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