Surprise! These are the subtle ways Aquarians flirt

Surprise! These are the subtle ways Aquarians flirt

When an Aquarius has a crush, they often turn into even more of a freak of nature than they already are, acting in strange ways. In fact, many people totally miss it when an Aquarius flirts with them. Here are some ways they flirt...

- Showing you videos, articles, etc. and insisting you watch/read... eager to see what you think. It's a way to bond that's not obvious.
- Acting very immature and silly around you when it’s a bit inappropriate (like at work).
- Backing down quickly from an argument, saying that you are right. It takes a lot of lust to swallow our pride!
- Arranging for one-on-one time with you, even if that’s just offering you a ride home.
- Sharing a very odd secret about themselves with you. They are not desperate for connection like other signs, so they like to put their flaws out there right away if they think it could be a deal-breaker... before they get too attached.

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