These are the ways Virgos flirt on the down-low

These are the ways Virgos flirt on the down-low

Much of a Virgo’s mannerisms are understated, including flirting. In fact, a Virgo might be flirting big time in their own mind, and you’d never even know it. Here are some sly ways a Virgo flirts...

- Doing little favors related to helping you stay organized and tidy, like washing the coffee mug you left in the office kitchen and bringing it back to your desk.
- Commenting about any change you make to your appearance or when you first wear a new article of clothing, even if it seems like a criticism. If it prompted a comment, they are telling you that they see... and like what they see (you, duh!).
- Offering to share some food or something they really like, or suggesting a recipe/book/movie, etc. they think you’d like. They probably actually want to experience it together but are too shy to ask more directly.
- Smirking at you as they pass by. They are thinking naughty thoughts!
- Asking how you did something, and taking notes on what you say. They are trying to get inside your head... and maybe other things.

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