The unveiling qualities of Pisces’ Tarot card

The unveiling qualities of Pisces’ Tarot card

Often seen as a negative, our sign’s card, the Moon, can be interpreted in a positive and illuminating way because it steps in when the positive side of your personality seems to be hiding or when we need protection from negative forces.

Depicting water and two dogs as representing the duality of our sign, it is associated with imagination, dreams, the subconscious, emotion and illusion. When it shows up during a reading, it warns us that someone might be lurking in the shadows or that certain things or people aren’t as they seem.

If you draw this card backwards during a reading, its warning effect comes into play, meaning that it is the wrong time for us to put a plan in action, that we are misaligned with the phases of the Moon, or that we are shadowing away from our true self.

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