Blessings bestowed upon Virgos...

Blessings bestowed upon Virgos...

Blessed art thou, Virgo! Let me count the ways you are truly lucky to be born under the sign of the Virgin...

1. It’s the little things that make life so rich – and you don’t miss a single detail. You have so much you appreciate.
2. You are naturally organized and responsible, so you aren’t likely to get into any serious trouble... and if you do, your wit figures out how to fix it.
3. Animals are naturally drawn to you, and we all know how vital pets are to people’s happiness... you are a true champion for animals, and thus human wellness!
4. You can hold yourself together when you’re faced with inevitable hardships.
5. You’re a realist, and unlikely to fall victim to scams, temptations, or unrealistic expectations.

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