These 7 things indicate you’re with your soul mate

Posted by Wade Waverly
These 7 things indicate you’re with your soul mate

It takes a pretty amazing person to lock you down, Aquarius. So, you don’t want to settle for anyone less than a soul mate if you make a serious commitment. Do they fit these 7 criteria? If not, reconsider, baby!

1. They let you have space when you need it.
2. While you don’t agree on everything, they respect your differences.
3. They understand how it feels to be the odd one out, at least in some respect.
4. They don’t take your criticism negatively – they listen and learn from it.
5. They drop everything to help you if it’s important.
6. You never feel like you have to censor yourself or change around them.
7. Your closest friends approve of them (because your inner circle is so important to you).

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