You are a Cardinal Sign, use it to your advantage!

You are a Cardinal Sign, use it to your advantage!

We have a tendency to analyze the Water element of our sign, which is great. We are blessed by that intuitive perception, there’s no doubt. What we often forget about is our quality.

Like other prone-to-success signs like Aries, Libra and Capricorn, Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, which means we are one of those people who don’t struggle to initiate things.

We don’t believe in leaving things for later because we have the energy to tackle the first steps instead of procrastinating on them. Not only that, this aspect of our nature also gives us the capability to infect those around us with that same inspiration.

You can really make this quality work to your advantage, Crab. The one thing to watch out for is keeping that momentum going so you don’t end up with a million projects in your hand without finishing them.

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