Brew up some romance with these tips, Taurus...

Brew up some romance with these tips, Taurus...

If you’re like most Taurus natives, you love the fall season. You adore your cozy sweaters and plush blankets and excuses to stay in vs. going out. Here are some suggestions for dates or getting closer to your partner...

- Go apple-picking, walking at leisure among the trees. Bake an apple dessert or bread with your pickings. Share with your sweetie, of course.
- Hold off on turning on the heat. Cuddling under blankets is much more romantic.
- Weather keeping you indoors? Watch your favorite feel-good movies and cozy up together with some food (delivered, perhaps?).
- Cook a comfort dish like mac and cheese or stew. Crack up some cider (hard or non-alcoholic) or a bottle of red and light a candle at the table.

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