These tell you it’s time to move on, Virgo...

These tell you it’s time to move on, Virgo...

For a practical sign like you, it can be hard to know it’s time to let go, especially if it seems wiser to stay where you are. Remember to listen to your heart, too. Here are some signs you need to let go of something or someone:

- No matter how hard to work toward it, no rewards or recognition come out of it.
- You’re unable to enjoy life’s little pleasures.
- You skip over small steps to do whatever is easiest, just to get stuff done.
- You’re forced into a very public, exposed position and it’s making you very anxious.
- You just feel icky – day after day, it doesn’t feel comfortable.
- You’re totally out of your element... you don’t know how to fix it and there’s no one who can help.
- You’re appalled at the thought of what’s going on.

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