Letting go of deep – but negative – attachments...

Letting go of deep – but negative – attachments...

Time to let it go? Capricorns struggle with this because we are so loyal and committed. But these are the signs a Sea Goat needs to move past something or someone...

- It’s hard for you to focus on your work or other critical tasks.
- You’ve become slow and sloppy.
- You can’t get a decent night’s sleep and/or feel run-down most of the time.
- You’re having nightmares/anxiety-provoking dreams when you DO sleep.
- You cannot reason with the person or people who can improve the situation, and you’ve tried repeatedly.
- Your family and/or friends have complained about you not being available or mentally “there” for them.
- You’re feeling impulsive and out of control.
- You rely on escapism tactics that aren’t healthy – be that alcohol, food, isolation, spending too much, lying, etc.

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