Run away before dating these types, Sag!

Run away before dating these types, Sag!

Sag’s main mistake in love is getting overly excited about a new love interest. We might get so pumped about the possibilities of maybe meeting the one that we might overlook huge red flags. To save yourself some hassle, stay away from the following types:

The ruthless shark: Successful people are good for us as long as they also have a soul. We could never be with someone who sells their soul for money.

The homesick bore: If they have never been out of their country, they are not for you! There’s a big chance you will run out of subjects before you even go on your first date, trust me!

The insecure diva: Do they need to see you every night and constantly text you to check in? No! If you have a feeling someone might be of this type, get their number, but don’t give them yours!

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