Working your magic with the help of your modern ruler

Working your magic with the help of your modern ruler

People get scared as soon as an astrologer mentions retrograde periods. But not all is bad, not at all. Scorpios, for example, benefit from one retrograde in particular, that one of tiny but powerful Pluto.

When Pluto is retrograde, which happens twice a year for about 3 months each time, our encounters and connections become more meaningful than when it is direct. This is because, during these times, our search for inner truth becomes stronger.

If we are single, we are less prone to having one night stands when Pluto is moving backwards because having them could make us feel somewhat shallow.

If we are in a relationship, we become more compassionate and better partners during Pluto retrograde periods. During a time when we might be purging and cleansing our lives, it helps to have a loving partner as a support, and of course, also to share those steamy nights with.

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