These are the telltale signs a Gemini is cheating...

These are the telltale signs a Gemini is cheating...

Geminis are unfairly deemed as unable to stay committed, but the truth is, while we might end things abruptly, we rarely cheat. Since I am proud of my faithfulness, I am willing to put it all out there – that is, the signs a Gemini is thinking of cheating... or already involved in an affair.

1. They talk about one person a lot all of a sudden – or suddenly stop mentioning someone they used to.
2. They stop planning dates; instead, they try and make plans last minute.
3. They seem mentally elsewhere when you are together. You can tell they are thinking about something else.
4. Your time together gets boring/routine, and they don’t seem to mind.
5. You don’t fight anymore (or at least they don’t initiate arguments).

If you Gemini is doing a lot of these, it’s time to talk it out!

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