Think twice before getting involved with these signs

Think twice before getting involved with these signs

Love is a serious deal for us Crabs. As a loving and sensitive Crab, I know my love compatibility like the palm of my hand and stay away from the following signs:

Libras are sweet but way too socially-driven for us. One day they love us and the next one they don’t. Plus, they seem to always want to be surrounded by people. Exhausting!

Aquarius are interesting but are a world away from us. We are emotional and feel with our hearts. They are intellectual and feel with their brains. From which planet are these peeps from? Not ours!

Geminis are hot but oh man, can they talk? Too much talk and not much action, in my opinion. Plus, a lot of them are super flirty and into one night stands or flash connections, which means they are prone to cheat!

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