These are the best college majors for Capricorns

These are the best college majors for Capricorns

Hardworking Capricorns can succeed in any area of study, but there are certain college majors better suited to Sea Goats. If you have to choose a major, consider one of these:

1. Engineering. If you like math a science and managing a lot of people, this is a great field. Civil engineering might be especially up your ally, as it pays well and is in demand in the job market now and into the future as the world keeps developing.
2. Finance. This field will never die out, and Capricorns are masters with their own money... so why not advise others on theirs?
3. Computer science. Your practical, good ideas translated into codes and programs can earn you high salary, accolades, and personal satisfaction.
4. Designer. If you’re more creative, consider design – from websites to clothes to interiors. Capricorns have a good eye and can handle all the multitasking these fields require.

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