This one thing determines your happiness, Capricorn...

This one thing determines your happiness, Capricorn...

Capricorn is an intense sign, often getting a bad rap for being too serious, boring, stubborn, etc. But that’s because other’s expectations of us are too high... including our own. And the one thing that brings us the greatest happiness often gets put on the back burner because we are working so hard: FAMILY!

So, what if you live alone or don’t have a family? You can still form your own kind of family... and you really need to. Here are some examples of “family”. Which one is yours? If you don’t have at least one of these, it’s time to seek it out.

- Traditional family – Consists of parents, children, and/or a partner.
- Friend family – Your closest pals.
- Animal family – Your pet(s).
- Work family – The people you trust and get support from via your job.
- Spiritual family – Your religion or belief system, from God to angels to Mother Nature.

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