How are you doing with the 4 critical love necessities?

How are you doing with the 4 critical love necessities?

Libras live for love... so, are you thriving or ailing in the romantic realm? Your success or failure in your love life is dependent on your attention to four key components of a healthy romantic union. Which of these do you need to pay more attention to?

1. Kindness. This is simple... be your significant other’s best friend. Be on their side. Support them. Make them smile.
2. Fair judgment. Are you quick to criticize, nag, and nitpick? Scale that back... try to be objective. Would you want someone negatively pointing out every little thing you do “wrong”? No, and neither does your partner.
3. Attention. Just like a garden, you need to tend to a relationship. It takes constant nurturing or it will die. Listen actively, be affectionate, go out on dates, and compliment your mate on a regular basis.
4. Understanding. You may not be able to fully understand, but you need to try. And when in doubt, just validate their feelings as real and warranted.

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