These 7 things totally stress Geminis out...

These 7 things totally stress Geminis out...

Geminis are the best at adapting and going with the flow, but they are not immune to stress. Like everyone else, there are specific triggers that increase a Gemini’s anxiety to the point of significant distress. And a Gemini hates feeling distressed! Here are the 7 things that bring on a potential Gemini meltdown...

1. Rigid, formulaic plans.
2. Tight deadlines.
3. A gathering where everyone talks over each other and no one communicates clearly.
4. Trying to explain something to someone who just doesn’t get it.
5. Being held to very specific expectations, when deviating from these would bring negative consequences.
6. Being forced to spend time with grumpy, overly-serious people.
7. Being confined to a small, uncomfortable space.

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