You’re the most inspirational, inspiring sign, Libra!

You’re the most inspirational, inspiring sign, Libra!

Do you ever get the feeling others want to be just like you, Libra? Some might call this envy, but the root of their feeling of wanting to emulate you comes from being inspired, not jealous. You just project qualities that make others long to be better!

- You help others see both sides of any situation.
- You don’t take sides until it’s clear which one is right.
- You always make time for people who need you.
- Most people genuinely like you.
- You stay out of drama and never (intentionally) cause it.
- Your relationships are the real deal. Many people crave the kind of intimacy you have with your inner circle.
- You are in touch with your spiritual side. Religion, humanitarianism, nature... whatever puts you in tune with your soul, you’re synced up!

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