Things that make Capricorns absolutely beautiful...

Things that make Capricorns absolutely beautiful...

Beauty isn’t high on your list of priorities. And why should it be? You’re a natural beauty, Capricorn! Here are some of the things that make you so gorgeous...

1. Your strong belief system and connection to traditions. This makes you beautiful, from sticking with your skin care routine to emanating a glow during your favorite celebrations, no matter how many years you’ve celebrated them.
2. Your combination of part old soul, part eternal child. Since you honor the past but plan for the future, your beauty transcends space and time.
3. Your humility. Sometimes you’re even self-deprecating, which isn’t fair or accurate, but it’s far more beautiful to be so and not know it (much less be vain) than to strut around like a model.
4. Your ability to do so much with so little. You are frugal and responsible, and take great care of yourself and those you love... beauty, personified!

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