Feeling off, Leo? The Moon might be to blame

Feeling off, Leo? The Moon might be to blame

It is so obvious when the Moon is messing with us, right? At least in my opinion. Whenever you’re feeling different, it might be the Moon in a specific sign. Check this out!

Aries: Under the Aries Moon, the world is yours, literally.
Taurus: Feeling like indulging in a nice dinner? Go for it!
Gemini:You know life is good when...
Cancer: Feeling lazy, huh!? Did you even shower this morning?
Leo: You know those days when your ego inflates? This is one of them!
Virgo: You worry about details you never cared for before.
Libra: You open any door and charm your way through it.
Scorpio: You get wicked (or devilish) flashes of genius.
Sagittarius: You might feel like doing something you know is dumb. Don’t!
Capricorn: You might go nuts looking for something you hid from yourself.
Aquarius: You might obsess about someone you can’t have. Ouch!
Pisces: You become manipulative but in a cutsie kind of way.

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