Feeling off, Pisces? This is why...

Feeling off, Pisces? This is why...

Are you dreaming or are you feeling totally different than two days ago? You are wide awake and very right. The Moon changes every two days and totally affects our emotions, especially sensitive Pisces. When it visits the following signs:

Aries: You think and act at your quickest.
Taurus: Sappy movies and ice cream anyone?
Gemini: Oops. Did you just lock your house keys inside?
Cancer: Mood swing fest all the way!
Leo: You want what everyone’s wearing.
Virgo: You worry about your health habits.
Libra: You daydream of the perfect world full of fairies.
Scorpio: The second part of that dream becomes the underworld.
Sagittarius: Everything is happening way too fast for you.
Capricorn: You have your priorities straight.
Aquarius: You want nothing but to be alone.
Pisces: You are a creative mastermind!

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