Is the crazy Moon messing with you, Scorpio?

Is the crazy Moon messing with you, Scorpio?

Yes, Scorpio, sometimes, it might not be you, it might be the crazy Moon messing with your head. The Moon is very powerful and works in mysterious ways depending on which sign it is in…

Aries: Prime days for calculating your strategy. Use them!
Taurus: You are double the obstinate and jealous. Watch out boyfriend or girlfriend!
Gemini: You might go on a shopping spree.
Cancer: Need one more grudge for your collection? No, you don’t!
Leo: Dark and mega-powerful. Think Maleficent!
Virgo: You organize all your secrets and mysteries in little boxes.
Libra: Light-hearted and fun. Yes, you can be that way!
Scorpio: Your magnetic allure and passion triple.
Sagittarius: You might act very impulsively.
Capricorn: You are money-hungry and you will produce.
Aquarius: You might be a little cruel if someone messes with you.
Pisces: You formulate your next big plan… but, will you make it happen?

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