No need for rules with a Sagittarius boss

No need for rules with a Sagittarius boss

If you work for a Sagittarius, you probably work for a travel agency, sports media company or a skydiving school.

As the most adventurous sign, Sags look for fields in which working hours are flexible and where rules aren’t established or properly enforced. A good sense of humor and a cheerful attitude are also on every meeting’s agenda.

You can also learn a lot from them by observing how well they are at boosting morale, promoting the company’s interests and getting along with every single person in the room.

They seem like the prefect boss, don’t they? So how can you make them happy besides doing your job right? They hate detail-oriented tasks! So offer to help them with that, oh, and by saving them from putting their foot in their mouth from time to time!

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