Do you work for a Pisces? You are in luck!

Do you work for a Pisces? You are in luck!

If you work for a Pisces, you probably work for an organization instead of a company with greedy motives because Pisces is one of the most humanitarian signs.

Flexible and adaptable, they are the kind of boss everyone feels comfortable with because they like to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for everyone involved. Humble and understanding, they would never take credit for your ideas or ignore you when you need their help.

Sounds like a blessing? It is, but you also need to watch out. Your Pisces boss is a very good judge of character, which means they have a lie detector built-in. Fish are very intuitive and not easily fooled, especially women. So if you're planning on calling in sick, don't update your social media status unless you want to get busted!

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