Sag, your birthstone is just as eclectic as you are

Sag, your birthstone is just as eclectic as you are

Sagittarius’ birthstone, the topaz, is often called the ideal gem for its hardness, availability and many different range of colors. The most valuable being orange-yellow dark pink-red and orange-red.

A powerful and fiery stone, it brings success and joy as much as it can have a calming and balancing effect on our emotions.

In the realm of crystal healing, topaz is said to aid blood disorders, poor appetite, aging and tissue regeneration between many others.

Spiritually, topaz brings love and hope and enhances creativity and individuality. Pick your color according to your needs:

Blue: Improves psychic energy and tranquility.
White: Clarifies thoughts and intentions.
Red: True love, trust and success.
Purple: Promotes spirituality.
Pink: Encourages integrity and honesty.
Brown: Encourages strength and confidence.
Yellow: Enhances fertility and stability.

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