Phenomena that are psychic signals of love...

Posted by Amalie Stubbs
Phenomena that are psychic signals of love...

Capricorns are too practical to believe in psychics, right? Wrong! At least in my case. I have had way too many weird things happen that are too much to be coincidental. So, I have been reading up on psychic flashes, which we Cappies get but often ignore because, yes, we are very down to earth and rational.

There are signals of love that you should be more attuned to! A few:
- Find a random hairpin? Your lover is near or you will meet one soon.
- Your cheeks get hot? Someone who loves you is talking about you.
- Your eyelid twitches? Your amore is thinking about you.
- See a thistle (or old dandelion)? With one breath, blow the seeds off. If they all come off, someone loves you truly and deeply.

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