Why you might be the odd one out, Gemini...

Why you might be the odd one out, Gemini...

Ever feel like other people just don’t get/appreciate you? If you do the following, you’ve been coined the “oddball” or “black sheep” and you can’t expect total understanding anytime soon...

- You ask others to invest in a project you’re passionate about... but then you never complete it.
- You want to do too much, see too much, be too much – compared to others.
- You’re distracted and don’t give many people your full attention. You’re often on a gadget or looking elsewhere.
- You’re all about others and their ideas... until you’re not. You bore quickly and easily.
- You’re in the moment. You balk at those who plan, and think reminiscing is silly.

If this is you, embrace it! Being different is wonderful!

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