Dreaming of angels? They are coming to visit you

Dreaming of angels? They are coming to visit you

Every sign has an angel. Us Pisceans are looked over by the archangel Amnitziel, the angel of spirituality, peace, understanding and healing transformation.

Also called Vakhabiel or Vacabiel, our angel constantly visits us while we dream to send us messages about how to live a better and more magical life. Decoding these dreams can be hard. To understand them better, leave a glass full of water on your night table to help them be clearer. Change the water every night to keep it clean and pure.

When you are experiencing a change in your life, our sign’s angel can help you through that journey. To invoke Amnitziel, stand by a lake or the ocean and repeat the following phrase: “I now invoke the healing presence of archangel Amnitziel to stand by my side. Please release all my tensions and insecurities. Help me to understand others, and to give and receive generously. Thank you”.

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