The 3 reasons why people envy Sagittarians…

The 3 reasons why people envy Sagittarians…

You must be thinking… “People envy me? I just do what I like to do and try not to bother people”. OK, maybe they don't envy but they are jealous of you in the best of ways. Here’s why:

1. When something bad happens to you and you don’t break into tears like other signs do, people wonder how you do it. It’s not that you don’t care, you just know life is too short and you are not going to spend it throwing tantrums.

2. You have enough of a sense of humor to be able to laugh at your own mistakes. People get you and they like you because you’re not one to get involved in silly dramas. You are way too busy exploring the world and pondering life’s big questions.

3. No matter how tough life gets, you always keep a positive outlook. How do you do this? Cheerful and fun are not only adjectives that describe you, they are like your middle names, it’s just how you roll!

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