How a Taurus can win back an ex...

Posted by Devin Bullock
How a Taurus can win back an ex...

The best way to get your ex back? Remind them why they fell for you in the first place! Here’s what to do for your best second chance at love...

Make them and their needs top priority. Sure, you know what’s best. But that’s all subjective. Be willing to try new things and listen carefully to what your ex wants.

Do it their way. You can be guilty of tunnel vision, or only seeing what’s right in front of your fixed gaze. Open up your mind, heart, and routine and let them steer the conversation, decide where to meet, etc.

Get a life. Your own life, that is. Outside of the comfort of your home, too. Show them that you are outgoing and have a bunch of activities you enjoy and don't depend on them for.

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