Helping a Cancer in hard moments requires this…

Helping a Cancer in hard moments requires this…

Cancer is one of the most giving signs. Taking care of our people is just ingrained in us and is part of who we are. Obviously, we need to be taken care of sometimes too. It’s a give and take.

We feel more intensely than others and it’s important that those around us know how to treat us. In moments of crisis:

1. Give us the space to share our emotions even if you don't think you would feel the same way in that same situation.
2. Validate our feelings by listening to us. Even if doing it doesn’t fix the situation, taking our feelings into account helps tremendously.
3. Make us feel comfortable by not judging us or isolating us.
4. We are prone to insecurity. When insecurity creeps in, reassuring us can help us get our mojo back!

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