How Libras can share a happy home with any sign

How Libras can share a happy home with any sign

Having trouble with a housemate, Libra? Luckily, you’re so kind and tactful that you can make some simple tweaks to your interactions to restore harmony. This is how to lessen conflict with every sign...

Aries: Let them use shared spaces like the bathroom or kitchen first whenever possible.
Taurus: Don’t rearrange something they have taken pride in setting up.
Gemini: Let them chat to your guests without rolling your eyes if they might see you.
Cancer: Don’t touch their personal items in shared spaces (like food or toiletries).
Leo: Return favors, however small.
Virgo: Let them worry – they will no matter what.
Libra: Compromise!
Scorpio: Accept their twisted tendencies.
Sagittarius: Set personal boundaries. Or lock up your treasured possessions.
Capricorn: Don’t push them into talking so often.
Aquarius: Respect their weird habits – you have some, too.
Pisces: Compliment them when they seem down.

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