These 6 signs indicate you’re burned out, Libra...

These 6 signs indicate you’re burned out, Libra...

Libras are experts at maintaining a balanced life, finding time and energy for their work, relationships, personal wellness, family, chores, and all the other important stuff... most of the time. But Libras also tend to take on too much, trying to be all for all.

If you’re experiencing at least two of these things, you need a serious time out before you collapse!
1. You no longer want to talk to your loved ones as much as you used to.
2. When making a decision, you just pick the easiest option.
3. You aren’t that concerned about how your actions affect others.
4. You’re moody – and it shows.
5. You are physically tired almost all the time.
6. People say they are concerned about you.

If this sounds like you, time for some self-care, pronto! Take a vacation, a day all to yourself, even just more breaks out in fresh air. You’re worth it and more!

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