What your Sag childlike nature does for you

What your Sag childlike nature does for you

Life is short, and no one lives with that in mind more than Sagittarius. A lot of people wonder what our secret is. No matter how hard life can be sometimes, we never seem to get pessimistic about it and our never-ending joy is nothing but contagious.

It’s our optimistic and positive attitude towards life in general that keeps us going. Idealistic and lighthearted, we look at the brighter side of things.

We are self-motivated and are our own cheerleaders, a very rare quality to have. We don’t care or mind not having finished our latest project, we are always ready to explore the next big thing.

Our enthusiasm and joie de vivre are probably our most enchanting attributes, allowing us to live in the moment and guide those around us to do exactly the same, to fully enjoy life!

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