The deep meaning of the Cancer constellation…

The deep meaning of the Cancer constellation…

In astrology, the attributes given to each sign are no coincidence. They are all related to either history, mythology or even astronomical facts.

If you ever wonder why natives from our sign are so enigmatic and secretly powerful, you will love what you will find out about our sign’s constellation…

- In Latin, it means the Crab and depicts the same animal.
- It is located in the northern hemisphere and can be seen in the early spring.
- It is so enigmatic that it is almost impossible to see, even with binoculars.
- It lies between Leo, the lion, and Gemini, the twins.
- In mythology, it is the giant Crab that attacked Hercules.
- In Egypt, it was described as Scarabaeus (Scarab), the sacred emblem of immortality.
- It contains numerous deep sky objects like clusters and interacting spiral galaxies!

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