Why everyone wants to be a Gemini deep down...

Why everyone wants to be a Gemini deep down...

Do you ever feel like whenever people snub or insult you, deep down they are just jealous? Well, you are probably right! Gemini is a very cool sign that the other 11 signs envy. So, what makes them so jealous?

First, your charm is effortless. You can work a room or chat someone up and people instantly are draw to you. You are just someone others want to be around. You talk about fascinating things but also show genuine interest in others. You think this is easy for other signs, namely aloof Capricorn and shy Cancer? No way. They wish!

Second, while every sign is creative in their own ways, you are genius-level creative, and what makes that so powerful is that you know how to articulate your thoughts so that others want to see them happen. You don’t just dream, you DO. You are pretty awesome, Gemini!

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