Emeralds give Taurus amazing powers like these...

Posted by Devin Bullock
Emeralds give Taurus amazing powers like these...

"I love that our gemstone is emerald, for no reason other than I love the way it looks. But I had no idea just how powerful it is. After learning these things, I am going to invest in some new earrings so I have emerald on me always (well, a lot more... green doesn’t go with everything).

- Boosts memory, libido, and chances of success.
- It can ease pain, especially if you’re pregnant.
- Some believe it helps ward off or even cure blindness!
- Helps couples stay happy and in love.
- Uncovers secrets (of other’s – yours are safe).
- Helps you in legal disputes.
- Makes you wittier.
- Protects your good reputation.

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