How to help a Libra – the one usually helping you...

How to help a Libra – the one usually helping you...

Libras tend to be the go-to friends, mediators, and objective sound of reason in any conflict. But they take on the weight of the world too often, and are prone to deep depression when faced with a very unfair, sad situation over which they have no control. So, if you’re a good friend, you want to be there. But how? Here are some tips...

- Tell them it’s “their turn” and that they have permission to wallow, cry, vent, whatever they need.
- Listen. And do your best to help them feel validated, cared for, and that they can depend on and trust you.
- Do not tell others if they want privacy and discretion. A Libra trusts easily but feels betrayed easily if you overstep your bounds.
- Show them something beautiful. Bring flowers, take them to an art gallery, go for a walk in a peaceful park. Remind them that there is beauty everywhere, even if there is ugliness, too.

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