What an Aquarius’ favorite color reveals about them...

What an Aquarius’ favorite color reveals about them...

As an Aquarius, your traditional colors are turquoise, violet, and yellow. But you might have a totally different favorite or preferred color, which reveals a lot about the type of Aquarius you are. Here are the major colors and what they mean. What’s your favorite and do you agree?

Black: You’re the most conventional, practical Aquarius.
White: You’re incredibly understanding and curious.
Gray: You doubt your grand ideas at times out of fear they are too out there.
Brown: You’re blunt... but also very romantic.
Red: You’re assertive and passionate.
Orange: You’re ambitious and confident.
Yellow: You like to learn through trial and error/hands-on approaches.
Green: You’re chill and don’t like conflict.
Blue: You’re super committed to the people and things that you care about.
Purple: You set the bar high and like to influence others.
Pink: A caregiver who loves to help out."

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