Signs your rage has nothing to do with you, Capricorn...

Signs your rage has nothing to do with you, Capricorn...

Capricorns aren’t known to be hot-tempered... more like, we slowly simmer and then burn everything around us in a stealthy, slow-to-be-detected way. And we hate feeling angry, because it feels so out of control.

Good news: unlike Fire Signs, us Cappies are not usually to blame when we do see red. The following things pry our temper out into the open, and should be avoided...

- Someone or something intentionally messing up your careful planning. Accidents and circumstances beyond our control can’t be helped, but if it’s no accident, we are going to fume.
- Disrespectful behavior and talk. We cannot stand this kind of cruel rudeness, especially if directed at us.
- Hypocrites. Don’t hold us to your high standards if you fall short! And if you don’t even admit you go against what you preach, our anger will triple.
- Conflict avoidance. We want to clear the air, like yesterday. If things keep brewing and we can’t talk it out because you’re dodging us, be prepared to face the very loud music when we do catch you.

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