How you dress is more important than you realize!

How you dress is more important than you realize!

Virgos tend to dress to impress, or at least know how much what we wear can influence our moods and how others perceive us. But there are some superstitions about clothing that you might want to consider, too...

- Never mend an item of clothing while you’re wearing it – it’s bad luck.
- Freshly laundered or brand new clothes? Wear them on Sunday for good luck; it’s bad to wear them the first time on a Friday. Regardless, always make a wish the first time you wear something. Bonus: putting a coin in a pocket.
- Wore something inside out by mistake? Don’t feel silly – that actually gives you good luck!
- But those buttons? Get them right the first time because buttoning them wrong can be unlucky.
- Inherited a cool vintage dress? Might not be such good luck to wear it if the original owner has passed away. But then again, Virgos usually don’t get too retro, anyway.

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