Aquarians should stay away from these deceitful types

Aquarians should stay away from these deceitful types

We always wonder how to get along with this sign, am I a good match with that sign... but sometimes signs are too general to fit every person into one category of good or bad.

Trust is the most critical part of any strong relationship. So, what are some signs that you cannot trust someone of any sign? Here they are for you Water Bearers...

1. People who label others or put them into narrow categories and confinements.
2. Someone with a very closed mind who doesn’t like nor even respect others’ different viewpoints, lifestyles, etc.
3. Someone who fails to keep their word or whose words and actions don’t match up.
4. People who go along with everything you tell them to... even stuff you don’t really want, but put out there just to see how far they will go.

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