The best things you can do to help a Taurus in crisis...

The best things you can do to help a Taurus in crisis...

Taurus is a stubborn, self-sufficient, hard-working sign that rarely needs help, but when they are going through a hard time they really do need some support. Offering it instead of asking is usually best, but here are some specific tactics to use when you want to be there for a Taurus in need.

1. Point out all the positives. Compliment them on anything they do well. Tell them you like their outfit or hair. Try to get them to see the silver lining, however thin.
2. Offer to give them a neck rub, full massage, or just hold their hand or give them a hug. Physical touch is extremely soothing to a Taurus, especially if they’re in any kind of pain – physical or emotional.
3. Let them take the time they need. Don’t be pushy or impatient.
4. Don’t question their behavior (unless it's very severe). There is a definite method to any apparent madness. They need reassurance and support, not lectures or questions.

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